Water Quality


Your bottled water meets all federal and state health standards. FDA regulates bottled water as a food product whereas EPA regulates tap water as provided by water utilities. Standards of quality enacted by the FDA for bottled water must be as protective of the public health as EPA’s standards (known as Maximum Contaminant Levels) for tap water. Ensuring the safety of the water is our primary objective in providing our product to the consumer.



Bottled water is protected by a multi-barrier approach which may include steps such as source protection and monitoring, and treatment such as reverse osmosis, micron filtration, distillation, ozonation, the application of ultraviolet light or other appropriate processing measures. Bottled water products labeled as spring water, well water, artesian water and mineral water must come from protected sources which are monitored frequently. Bottled water may also come from treated municipal supplies. IBWA member companies using municipal sources employ processing methods, such as reverse osmosis, micron filtration, distillation and/or ozonation to remove any chemical and microbiological contaminants, including Cryptosporidium. IBWA members, regardless of their source type, use a variety of practices to ensure the safety and high quality of their products.

All of our bottled water products are ozonated. We use ozone instead of chlorine because it leaves no residual and it does not cause a taste and odor problem. Ozone is oxygen (O3 to be exact) which is bubbled through the water just before it goes into a clean, sanitized bottle. Within a few hours after the bottle has been filled and capped, the ozone dissipates or converts back to the same form of oxygen that we breathe (O2).


Our Source For Our Water

Americas Finest water uses the Berkshire Springs Inc.’s bottling facility and is  a protected spring source for our spring water product. This spring has, for centuries, brought water from a protected underground aquifer to the surface. The water in this aquifer begins as rain and snow high up in the hills and it remains underground until we bring it to the surface. Layers of solid rock and clay provide an impervious (not-passable) protective cover for the aquifer water. This source water is completely safe to drink. We test our source regularly to verify that it is of extremely high quality.



As our Berkshire Mountain Spring Water comes from such a well-protected and monitored source, we can keep our processing of our product to a minimum. We pass our pure natural spring water through a multiple stage filtration system extracting sediment and suspended particles down to 0.5 microns in size. Our Spring Water has less than 0.35 milligrams of sodium per 8 ounce serving.